Motor Yacht San Jose welcomes you on board to discover with your own eyes the unique wonders of the Galapagos Islands. We take you around the remote and most exceptional islands of the archipelago. San Jose is one of the larger 16 passenger yachts in Galapagos, guaranteeing an intimate and very exclusive experience in a comfortable way. Our certified professional crew and the knowledgeable, bilingual naturalist guide on board will do their utmost to convert your once in a lifetime cruise into the trip of your life! 


Well-rested to the most exceptional islands

[2] SanJoseWe follow original and exclusive routes with flexible duration, starting from 3 nights up to 14 nights cruising. Even our shorter routes visit some of the most impressive and out-of-the-way visitor sites! Our naturalist cruise programs include a wide range of activities as guided hikes, inflatable dinghy-rides, snorkelling, as well as interesting visits to giant tortoise breeding projects, interpretive botanic trails and visitor’s centres. You will be impressed observing, photographing and filming the incredibly tame and prosperous Galapagos wildlife from different perspectives. You will be closer to nature than ever before!

The rich and spectacular Galapagos wildlife is the most important aspect of every naturalist cruise, but not the single and only factor that paints holiday memories for the rest of your life. M/Y San Jose contributes truly to a comfortable and pleasant stay as well. We follow fascinating routes accompanied by an excellent naturalist guide and including time to unwind from the well-filled excursion program. Our chef will pamper you with a rich breakfast buffet, snacks, an exquisite warm lunch and served dinner in buffet style as well.


Optimal use of your scarce time on Galapagos

It is true that most exceptional islands are somewhat farther away, but these are also more exclusive, beyond the reach of day tours and island hopping programs. These distances are no problem for M/Y San Jose’s powerful engines, reaching the next island halfway through the night, and reside also a couple of hours peacefully at the calm anchorages. You will awake refreshed and full of energy for a brand new day full of unforgettable experiences. In fact, naturalist cruises are the most efficient way to make optimal use of your scarce free time in Galapagos; combining nocturnal displacements with at least two excursions (per full day), and often an extra activity; all you need is within easy reach.


Personal attention

During your cruise you can fully enjoy the unstrained ambience on board. Thanks to the small number of passengers, boarding and disembarking will be much faster than on larger expedition vessels, where different groups have to keep a certain distance, losing valuable excursion time on the islands. Moreover our welcoming and helpful professional staff can give sufficient personal attention to everybody, respond to different individual interests, and you can hear your guide loud and clear. Small groups definitely make your experience more exclusive, more intimate and more authentic.



San Jose is one of the larger 16 passenger yachts in Galapagos, and its design leaves ample space for sun and shaded decks with lounge chairs; to read a book, or to feel the sea breeze and dream away with the panoramic views. Even if we are fully booked, it won’t feel crowded. The outside decks are also excellent for wildlife observation, such as whalesdolphins and frigate birds. At the bar on the shaded outside deck you can order an exotic cocktail, or another drink of your choice.

Even your relatively quiet cabin with private bathroom is stretched, and has twin beds (convertible in one double bed if desired; instead of regular berths or bunk beds in yachts of lower classes). We have also placed a small desk with an inspiring sea view (ideal for photographers that want to backup and select their shots in the privacy of their cabin).


Ideal compromise

We are very aware of the vulnerability of this archipelago, and minimize the ecological footprint of our operations. We meet all the requirements set by the Galapagos National Park Directory, including the many ecological guidelines.

Our cruises provide the ideal combination of unforgettable encounters in the wild, and comfort without excessive luxury. San Jose is not too large to become impersonal and not too small to feel trapped without comfort. We offer a superb quality-to-price ratio! Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin and many others.

2018 San Jose - Galapagos Cruise.