Getting there

The usual way to get to the Galapagos is by air. Galapagos flight booking is warranty with your cruise confirmation. All international connections are from mainland Ecuador.

There are flights from Quito (stop over in Guayaquil) and Guayaquil to the airports of Baltra or San Cristobal, where your cruise will begin. Your flight will take 30 minutes to get from Quito to Guayaquil and about one hour and a half from Guayaquil to Galapagos. Flights to Galapagos are generally scheduled in the morning; return flights around noon. Galapagos (GMT -6) has -1 hour time difference to mainland Ecuador (GMT -5).


Check-in procedure

  • When you leave from Quito our bilingual airport assistant will help you with the check-in procedure (if the flight has been booked together with the cruise operator).
  • Before check-in you have to pay your Ingala Galapagos Transit Control Card (US$ 20 per person in cash, since March 1, 2015).
  • Before check-in you have get checked your luggage whether it doesn’t contain fruits, vegetables, dairy products, which can threaten the ecosystem of Galapagos. Be sure that footwear you bring is clean as well. Your luggage will be sealed.
  • Next you check-in at the counter and leave your luggage. Domestic airline regulations permit 20 kilos (44 lbs) per person for your luggage, excluded small carry-on flight bags.
  • Last straightforward chance: Don’t forget to get enough cash money from the ATM at the airport of Quito or Guayaquil.


Arrival procedure

  • Upon arrival, you will first pass some disinfectant mats.
  • You will proceed through an airport inspection point where your TCT (Transit Control Card) will be checked and stamped (please keep this carefully with your passport as you will need to show it again when you leave Galapagos).
  • At the counter you also have to pay the Galapagos National Park entrance fee in cash. There are no ATMs in this section of the arrival airports.
  • Extra US$ 5 fee for shuttle-transfers Baltra (Tame only)
    The shuttle-buses from Baltra airport (Galapagos) to the docks charge an additional US$ 5 tax (one-way) to Tame passengers since January 14, 2016. This extra fee does NOT apply to Avianca and LAN Airlines. We use Avianca Airlines for all ATC yachts. When flying with Tame Airlines ATC can prepay the shuttle-bus cost. Otherwise Tame passengers have to pay in cash at the Ecogal-desk upon arrival at Baltra.
  • To ensure that no foreign plants or animals are introduced to the islands, your hand luggage will be inspected as well (your main luggage already has been X-rayed before check-in).
  • Next you can pick-up your luggage.
  • At the arrival hall a naturalist guide will meet you and escort you on a short bus ride and a inflatable dinghy-ride to the yacht.

2018 San Jose - Galapagos Cruise.