Itinerary B4: From Genovesa to South Plaza

4 days / 3 nights – Tuesday to Friday – every 14 days

Our shortest route gets the most out of just four days Galapagos. It combines the exclusive bird-island of Genovesa with the popular highlights of South Plaza and Santa Fe, giving an intense and excellent quick impression of Galapagos.

Hundreds of thousands of seabirds perch and nest on the cliffs around the flooded crater of Genovesa. Walk at very short distance through the largest insular colonies of Nazca and red-footed boobies, whilst courtshipping, mating, breeding, nurturing or learning to fly (depending on the season).
Other not to be missed highlights of this cruise will certainly be extraordinary Santa Fe and South Plaza, where characteristic Galapagos land iguanas crawl below bizarre giant prickly pear cacti.
On the last morning we will sail around the bizarre-shaped rock formation of Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido (= Sleeping Lion), just out off the coast of San Cristobal. Most elder islands of southeast Galapagos have azure bays and striking beaches of white coral sand, which are favorite place for large colonies of sea lions. This intense route ends in the harbour with lots of Galapagos sea lions, waving goodbye.

Important notes:
• Itinerary is subject to change in case of force majeure caused by exceptional and natural circumstances.
• Approximate departure and navigation times are just indicative and depend on the sea state and decisions of the captain.
• Although Galapagos seldom requires quests for wildlife, observation of specific species can never be guaranteed.

2018 San Jose - Galapagos Cruise.